I don’t have a lot of political discussions on Facebook.  It seems like they always go badly.

Today a friend of mine shared a Pro-Second Amendment post. I shared it to my profile and blog page.

Most posts I share get little to no response.  Not this one.

Obviously, things got a little heated.  But things ended on a good note.

This illustrates an important point:  People may have extremely different opinions from us.  But that doesn’t make them monsters.  And we don’t have to act like monsters.

What happened to listening?

It’s ridiculous.

People demonize others.

Who don’t believe the same things.

Who don’t like the same things.

What happened to listening?

What happened to understanding?

Does liking a different sports team mean someone is bad?

Do different beliefs about the origin of the universe mean someone is an idiot?

“Divide” is the first part of “Divide and Conquer.”  There’s a reason for that.

United we stand, divided we fall.