Things I’m grateful for today 20180108

  1. Baby pictures
  2. Being able to pay the power bill
  3. My desk
  4. Guitars
  5. Thumb tacks
  6. Packaging tape
  7. Memories of good times
  8. Puppies
  9. Kittens
  10. Alpacas

Things I’m grateful for 20171225

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. My kids’ faces as they open their gifts
  3. Fatherhood
  4. My boys getting along
  5. Being done with wrapping presents
  6. Snow
  7. Central heating
  8. Insulation
  9. Not having to work today
  10. Memories

My daddy’s dead

I was three.

I only have a handful of memories about him.

After he died my male role models were my grandpas and Mister Rogers.

When I got older my Scout leaders became role models, too.

I wonder how I’d be different if my dad had lived.  Would I be more masculine?  Would I be a better father?

I used to worry that my sons wouldn’t be masculine enough because of me.  I don’t worry about that anymore.