10 ways I can help my mom

  1. Get repairs done to her house
  2. Get her a new house
  3. Get her some physical therapy
  4. Get her to see a therapist
  5. Support her so she can stop working
  6. Help her with lanudry
  7. Help her with grocery shopping
  8. Change all the burned out light bulbs
  9. Let her see my boys more often
  10. Take her to the zoo, etc., and rent her a scooter.

I’m a slob

Cleaning is not my strong suit.  Never has been.

My mom would tell me to clean my room.  Over and over.

Eventually she’d get fed up and clean it for me.

I’m not much different as an adult.

The biggest difference is that I’m not as messy.

When I live alone my place isn’t a terrible mess.

It’s not spotless.  But you can walk through it without difficulty.

I had a system.  I had just enough dishes to get me through the week.  I’d let them soak.  On Saturday morning I’d run the dishwasher.

I did my laundry once a week.

I took the garbage out when necessary.  Meaning I couldn’t balance any more on top.

Since getting married I haven’t done as well.

That’s not to say I never clean.

I’m just not good about it.