10 ways to improve my spirituality

  1. Pray every morning
  2. Pray every night
  3. Read the Book of Mormon every day
  4. Watch inspirational videos every day
  5. Pay tithing
  6. Go to church every Sunday
  7. Receive my endowment
  8. Read books by General Authorities
  9. Give myself quiet time to think every day
  10. Follow inspiration and revelations I’m given

Piano lessons

He was old then.  Eighty-six.  And a perfectionist.

He had a poster of Uncle Sam.  I want YOU to practice EVERY DAY.

I’d just finished kindergarten.

I’d been begging my mom for piano lessons since I was three.

After the first lesson I wanted to quit.  She wouldn’t let me.

It ended eleven years later.

He had me play the same piece.  Over and over.  The whole hour.

He’d had a stroke.

I was free.

He died two months later.

In between I got to be a decent pianist.

I had a good ear.

Never developed the ability to sight-read, though.

I forgot most of what I learned.

I’ve barely played in the last twenty years.

I should pick it up again.