Do YOUR best

Your best is not the same as anyone else’s best.

Someone else’s best may be better.

It may be worse.

Doesn’t matter.

Today’s best may be better then yesterday’s best.

It may not.

As long as it’s the best you can do right now, it’s enough.

YOU are enough.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

The worst thing about divorce

It’s my boys I worry about.

I’ve never been divorced before.  Neither has my wife.  But we’ve both been though painful breakups before and come out okay.  We’ll both be okay this time, too.

My boys grow up in an intact home.  Now that’s not going to happen for them.

I worry how their parents’ divorce will affect their ability to have good marriages of their own.

I worry about not being around to protect them.  They’re not big enough to defend themselves against an adult.

I worry that if I’m not with them every day if will hurt our relationship.  Will we be as close as we are now?  Will we drift apart?

I worry about so many things.

Worrying won’t solve anything.  All I can do at this point is the best I can.

I just wish it was better.