10 websites I can build to help others

  1. Homeschool forum
  2. Site to report child abuse/spouse abuse anonymously
  3. Sites for local businesses
  4. Local business directory
  5. Forum for people with mental health issues
  6. Forum for people interested in natural medicine/alternative medicine
  7. Directory of accessible websites for the blind
  8. Gardening site/how to grow your own food
  9. Site to help people become more conscious
  10. Site to help others make money online

“How are you?”

Why do strangers ask me how I am?

They don’t really want to know.

I don’t really want to tell them.

Some don’t bother waiting for a  reply.

They just ask out of habit.

What else do people do just out of habit?  Unconsciously?

People need to start living more consciously.  More intentionally.

Especially me.