After the “Board Plan” there was homework.

Read another book: “Pro-Sumer Power II!”

Listen to five audio files my sponsor would send me.

Write down every question I could think of for my sponsor to answer.

Come up with a list of one-year, two-year and five-year goals.

Go to another “Board Plan.”

And most importantly, “KYMS 🙂 .” Keep Your Mouth Shut.

After “Mr. Millionaire” had finished getting the crowd motivated, he finally revealed the big secret.


He was part of an organization called WorldWide Group, also known as WorldWide DreamBuilders.

WorldWide was a group of mentors who would teach people how to make lots of money. Partially by selling Amway products, but mostly by recruiting other people. Who would recruit other people. Etc.

But if you told people up front when recruiting them that this was Amway, a lot of them would never hear anything else you said to them.

Of course, it wasn’t Amway’s fault. It was just the fault of a few flaky Independent Business Owners.

I read the book.

I listened to the audios.

One audio was “Mr. Millionaire” and “Mrs. Millionaire” telling an expanded version of their story. It was mostly very motivational. One thing that I found off-putting, though, was “Mrs. Millionaire” bragging about how she had to have her closet enlarged to fit her collection of 300 pairs of shoes. Who was this woman, Imelda Marcos?

Another audio described why this business was the perfect business, partially because the things being sold were consumables. Customers would use them up and buy them over and over again.

I wrote down my questions and my goals.

I met with my sponsor again. He liked my goals. He answered my questions to my satisfaction.

We met a few more times, then had a conference call with his mentor. His mentor would also be my mentor, if he decided I was a worthy candidate.

His mentor didn’t like that I didn’t have a job. I would need some form of income to pay for business overhead.

I had promised myself I’d never take another phone job again. I ran out and got the first phone job I could.

I didn’t want to lose this opportunity.


A few months ago The Daily Positive changed hands.

The new owner seemed a little hippy-dippy, but I liked most of the things she wrote.

I started getting email updates more frequently and reading more articles.

On the site there was a link to a free audio download.  400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations Audio.  On the page there was a challenge.  Listen to the audio every day for 30 days.  See if you feel more positive.

My first experience with affirmations came after I broke up with my first fiancée.

A lady I worked said I should try something.  Look at myself in the mirror.  Tell myself, “I’m a good person who loves my self and deserves to be happy.”  She said I should do this ten times every morning.

It felt ridiculous.  I did it anyway.

I think it worked.  I felt better about myself than I had in a long time.

I was skeptical, but I downloaded the audio.

I tried it for a month.

I think it helped.

It certainly didn’t hurt.