Things I’m grateful for 20180104

  1. Being able to hold my tongue (most of the time)
  2. Cuddling with my boys
  3. Hope for a better future
  4. A supportive mom
  5. My therapist
  6. My faith
  7. People posting resources online
  8. Nature
  9. Small towns
  10. Love

I’m a slob

Cleaning is not my strong suit.  Never has been.

My mom would tell me to clean my room.  Over and over.

Eventually she’d get fed up and clean it for me.

I’m not much different as an adult.

The biggest difference is that I’m not as messy.

When I live alone my place isn’t a terrible mess.

It’s not spotless.  But you can walk through it without difficulty.

I had a system.  I had just enough dishes to get me through the week.  I’d let them soak.  On Saturday morning I’d run the dishwasher.

I did my laundry once a week.

I took the garbage out when necessary.  Meaning I couldn’t balance any more on top.

Since getting married I haven’t done as well.

That’s not to say I never clean.

I’m just not good about it.


Does the music you listen to make you feel good?

There’s nothing wrong with listening to sad music when you feel sad.  It can help you feel better.

Do you listen to sad songs all the time.  Do you feel sad most of the time?  Trying changing it up.

Say you listen to a lot of angry music.  There’s a good chance you feel angry most of the time.  You might want to try something new.

If what you listen to encourages negative behavior, it might be a good idea not to listen to it.

There’s nothing wrong with having negative emotions.  We all have them.  But if you feel that way all the time there’s a problem.

Try listening to things that make you feel happy.  Songs about fun times.  Happy times.  Love songs.  Even something spiritual.

I have a feel-good playlist on YouTube.  Feel free to listen to it.  Or you can make your own.

Try listening to happier music.

It will help you feel happier.

Piano lessons

He was old then.  Eighty-six.  And a perfectionist.

He had a poster of Uncle Sam.  I want YOU to practice EVERY DAY.

I’d just finished kindergarten.

I’d been begging my mom for piano lessons since I was three.

After the first lesson I wanted to quit.  She wouldn’t let me.

It ended eleven years later.

He had me play the same piece.  Over and over.  The whole hour.

He’d had a stroke.

I was free.

He died two months later.

In between I got to be a decent pianist.

I had a good ear.

Never developed the ability to sight-read, though.

I forgot most of what I learned.

I’ve barely played in the last twenty years.

I should pick it up again.

10 ways to live well

  1. Spend lots of quality time with my boys
  2. Be as spiritual as possible
  3. Eat well
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Make a meaningful contribution to the world
  6. Help others make a meaningful contribution to the world
  7. Spend time with people who care about me
  8. Avoid negative people
  9. Travel
  10. Get plenty of sleep

10 ways to laugh more

  1. Watch Studio C
  2. Watch stand up comedy
  3. Watch sitcoms
  4. Spend a day with my boys
  5. Play practical jokes on people
  6. Get tickled
  7. Watch people ice skate for the first time
  8. Watch Family Feud
  9. Get a pet
  10. Play HedBanz