The Offer

The vetting process should have taken a month. It took two.

I had broken a promise to myself. I’d taken another phone job.

Would it be enough?
There was a “Team Event.” It was at a university campus forty miles away. On a Saturday night.

There was a ceremony. My sponsor’s mentor’s wife had quit her job, because she didn’t need it anymore. There was a video of her leaving work for the last time. They had her smash an alarm clock with a sledgehammer. It was very emotional.

There were also some special guests. A family of singers. The father was also a minister at a church in Florida. He had helped “Mr. Millionaire” create the culture of his team. He was the “secret sauce.”

I didn’t mention the most important part, though.

As I was looking for parking before the event, my sponsor called me. He told me his mentor had offered to mentor me.

I was in.

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