What was it?

Tuesday night I was walking around my neighborhood.  I noticed a light in the sky.  At first I thought maybe it was an airplane behind a cloud.  It didn’t appear to move for several minutes, so I decided it probably wasn’t that.

It was kind of dim and blurry.  I thought maybe it was a galaxy or something.  Then it started to change shape.

It started looking more conical and moving to the south.  I thought maybe it was rocket.  I would expect a rocket to to have a bright orange tail of flame behind it.  This was dim and kind of bluish.

It eventually went behind a cloud and I lost sight of it.

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Have you?

2 thoughts on “What was it?”

  1. Sounds familiar.
    Blue aura glow in the tail.
    Translucent or possibly highly reflected.

    Seen over Ohio years back. As many as three in the sky at one time.

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